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12 January 2012

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"A timely and well managed conference immediately following year-end policies, economic data, and reform policies of China's currency, permitting proper reviews, analysis, and accurate speculations of the currency movements. Conferences of such kind would only further promote Asia's status in the global economic and financial platforms. Excellent job!"
Dr. Meiji Fong, Investment Advisor, CPPCC

"I found the conference to be very insightful and the time spent away from the busy markets, well worth my while. The balance of local and international participants added to a healthy and balanced debate on a topic which still holds many unknowns, even for the seasoned markets participants."
Marie Patton, SVP, Business Development, ICAP

"Good Conference, excellent speakers and a practical and interesting focus."
Alexander Henderson, Foreign Exchange, Brown Brothers Harriman (HK) Ltd


"The conference was first rate. In particular the discussion on RMB bond market [as] market participants gave candid perspectives on how it relates [to] their segment of the market, giving a rather holistic view of the CNH space."

Dennis Hong, Head, ALM, Treasury, OCBC

"I found the conference very useful with the updates on regulations and insightful [opinions] from industry experts. The conference was well organized with important subjects covered. I was especially interested in the last session "Achieving full RMB convertibility". It was worth the wait."
Steve Wong, Director, Corporate Treasury-APME, Johnson Controls

"I think the event was great, organized and well run. The speakers were all experts. Food and catering were also fantastic."

Tim Lo, Regional Controller, AT&T Asia Pacific Group Ltd.

"It was a fantastic event, gathering a diverse group of speakers from CBRC, HKEx, and other buy/sell-side executives. The agenda provides participants a wide spectrum of ideas/facts across the onshore/offshore RMB market, giving us a blue-print of the mechanisms where RMB could be tranforming into the future."

Vincent Woo, Senior Trader, China Universal Asset Management (HK)

"I found the conference thought provoking, with very timely topics from experienced industry practitioners. We need this conference to happen every six months!"
Eric Ng Tung Hing, CFO, Cigna International

"It was a very informative conference and given my role in Operations, it was especially good to hear about some of the operational challenges and proposed solutions shared in the panel discussions."
Hector Lau, Goldman Sachs

"My first RMB Rising conference and already looking forward to the next one!  Made new contacts and renewed old contacts.  The speakers gave very good perspective on China and RMB."
Michael Cheah, Executive Director, Search Group

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